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    Bee Removal Johannesburg

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Honey ​Bee Removal Service Johannesburg

Honey bees are a protected species and are in no way allowed to be killed. Doing so carries a hefty fine which may be charged to the person killing the colony of bees or providing the bee removal services.

Our independent contractors are skilled craftsmen and beekeepers dedicated to saving bees in the removal process. BEE ALIVE is an advocate for the Honeybee and we do not harm the bees in any way.

Open 6 days a week - Call Bee Removals hotline on 064 670 1834 OR 076 723 2194

Bee Removal Information

About Bee Alive

Here at Bee Alive we are advocates for saving the South African Honey Bee. WE DON'T HARM THE BEES! It our mission to save as many bees as we possibly can.

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How much does it cost?

There are a many factors that determine the cost of bee removal. How big is the hive? Where are they located? On a tree, In a wall, In a floor? We start from R650.

Bee Removal Prices

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We can relocate the bee hive to our farm where we will look after the bees and help the hive stay healthy and strong.
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Do not attempt to remove bees yourself!

Bee Removal is Extremely Dangerous work

Bee Removal is Extremely Dangerous work

Removing bees is a highly qualified job and extremely dangerous. 100 hundred stings from a colony of bees can kill a man. A small colony has about 30000 to 50000 bees and one can never predict how aggressive the bees are when removing any hive. Please don't attempt it yourself EVER! Rather call us.

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Working at height is Dangerous

Working at height is Dangerous

If bees have moved into your roof or chimney we have to climb up onto the structure to remove the hive. This obviously increases the risk of injury. Coupled with that we always have to wear bee suits for safety to prevent getting stung. Often roofs and chimneys are cramped spaces AND Johannesburg sun makes it very hot and thirsty work, extremely unsafe and best left to the professionals.

Please call or email us and we will gladly assist on your bee removal process.

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During the bee removal process Bee Alive may have to break into structures, walls, ceilings to perform the removal of the bees. All of these issues will be discussed with the client before any work commences. Bee Alive and our representatives cannot be held liable for damage, loss or injury of any kind resulting from work requested in the bee removal process.

We are registered Bee keepers with DAFF Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and SABIO South African Bee Industry Organization.

What our clients say

  • "Just amazing. I was worried watching the guys remove the bees and the hive but they we're so professional and did a great job. I cannot recommend them highly enough!"

    Mr P.K. Botha
  • "Hi guys, I just wanted to send an email to say thanks for the excellent job you did removing the bees from the property. I am really pleased. If you ever need a recommendation please ask them to phone me."

    Philip Pillay
  • "Brilliant job. Very hard working and professional team. A couple of other companies turned us down because it was apparently a particularly difficult job but Bee Alive removed the bees successfully. Thank you so much."

    Mrs Janice Joubert